In the Recruit platform, all vacancies are contained within a project. You can manage your vacancies after they have been added, from each of these projects

  • To view current vacancies, go to the Sourcing section
  • Within the Sourcing section, select the project, where your desired vacancies sit
  • You can see your vacancies, in the Vacancies section of the project
  • To narrow down your search, you can use the filtering options available. These include Vacancy Status, Talent Pools, User Name, Date Created, Date Opened, and Date To Be Filled
  • To see more detailed information about a given vacancy, click on it's name. 
  • You can edit a vacancy, using the Vacancy Editor
  • You can manage candidate applications for your vacancy, by clicking on the Applicants section. There are numerous options for managing your candidates

Using the search function, you can find and view your vacancies with ease

  • You can search vacancies, from the Recruit Sourcing section
  • You can also use the search function, within a project you have already clicked on to view

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