There are numerous different stages and states that applications can be moved to, depending on if the application will be successful or not, or if the candidate's application will be looked at again.

Viewing applications

You can view your applications in the Notifications section of Recruit. Here you can filter to see all your candidates, or candidates that have been shortlisted.

Another way to view applicants, is on vacancy-level in the Sourcing section.

  • Go to Sourcing
  • Find or search for the vacancy you need
  • Click on Applicants

Now you will see a full list of candidates, who have applied for this particular vacancy.

Changing a candidate's application stage in a vacancy

You can move your candidates through the different stages involved in the recruitment process, for each vacancy. There are several different stages.

  • Active: Applied, Shortlisted, Offered
  • Hired
  • Withdrawn
  • Unsuccessful

There are filtering options available here, so that you can find exactly what you need, without the need to do too much manual searching.

Every applicant has a mini-profile, which shows their skill groups and scoring.

You can message the candidate, view the candidate's profile, add some notes for internal use, and view what applications they have made, and the talent pools they are a part of.

In the upper-right, you will see their Company Score and Skills Score in their mini-profile.

  • Company Score measures the applicant's experience working in similar companies and industries
  • Skills Score measures the applicant's skills and skill groups, against your required skills

You can download their resume using the Download CV/Resume button. This can be found right next to their latest experience, underneath their name.

  • To change the status of a candidate's application, you can either choose to Reject them, or Shortlist them
  • Once a candidate has been shortlisted, you can start a conversation with the applicant, and proceed with your recruit process
  • If you are happy with the applicant, you can make them an offer. This will send a notification to the applicant
  • At this point you can still move them back to the list of applicants, or reject them

If you are completely happy with the candidates and they have accepted the offer, it's time to hire them! To do this, you can simply just click on the Hire button.

Once they have been hired, the candidate will receive a notification, letting them know.

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