Creating vacancies quickly can be done easily, through the use of templates

Some clients have created templates, based on previously created vacancies. These are there to be reused at any time, to make your vacancy creation more efficient

  • Go to the Sourcing section
  • Go into the project you wish you add vacancies to
  • Search for the job title you need, in the search bar

  • Once you find the desired vacancy, click on Copy Vacancy. It is very important to note that the vacancy should be copied, and the existing template should not be edited
  • Remember to delete the words "template" and "copy" from the vacancy title
  • Click on the vacancy, and navigate to the Vacancy Editor
  • Edit and enter all the details as needed here
  • Click on Continue after you have finished with each section, for the information to be saved
  • Click Publish Now, once you are happy with your vacancy

Once the vacancy has been published, it is live and open to receive applications!

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