Recruit uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This enables the platform to understand the relevance of individual applications, by ranking them in order of their suitability. The applicants you see at the top, are the highest ranked.

Click on the Scoring button to show how your requirements are weighted for your given vacancy:

There are two key components that influence ranking.

  • Company Score
  • Skills Score

Company score

Recruit understands company entities from all around the world. As well as knowing who organisations are and what they do, Recruit also understands relationships between one company and another. This is what provides the Company Score.

Skills score

When a vacancy is published on Recruit, the system interprets the skills and job description and understands what you are looking to hire. When a candidate makes an application to that vacancy, the system reads their digital profile
looking for evidence of these skills, as well as relational skills in the same skills group, and ranks the applications based on this Skills Score.

We then combine the two scores, with a 50% weighting given to the Company Score and 50% weighting given to the Skills Score, to provide an overall match percentage.

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