Using the filters available, you can take a deep dive into your applicants, based on your criteria.

  • Skill groups allow you to filter by each skill contained within a group. Each skill shows the number of applicants possessing the skill
  • All applicant skills shows you the full list of skills, that each applicant has
  • Rates can be filtered on as per day rates
  • Talent Pool, allows you to filter on Talent Pool membership
  • Average tenure empowers to filter candidates, based on minimum and average experience
  • Viewed by allows you to filter based on whether the applicant has been reviewed or has yet to be
  • Current company allows you to filter by the candidate's current company
  • Companies worked allows you to filter by where the candidate has worked in the past
  • Industries worked allows you to filter by the industries in which candidates have worked
  • The Citizenship filter, allows you to filter by where the applicant is a citizen
  • Right to work will allow you to filter by who has the right to work in a specific location
  • Sources who the locations from which applications have come from
  • Forms show who has completed the forms required
  • Documents show who has completed required documents

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