In the Notifications section of Recruit, you will see notifications showing up for a variety of reasons. The events you receive notifications for, are as follows:

  • Vacancy applications
  • Candidates being shortlisted
  • An application being cancelled
  • Conversations
  • Offers being accepted or rejected

You will only see categories that you have notifications for. The other categories will be visible once a notification from that category comes in. Notifications are grouped by vacancy and are real time.


  • Categories - You can filter your notifications by selecting the categories you need to see

Click on View to pop up the Notification where you can action it straight away, or on the little arrow which will take you straight to the candidate's application. 

  • Projects - Filter your notifications by projects
  • Read/Unread - Filter on notifications you have not yet opened
  • Vacancies - Search for notifications on a vacancy you want to work on

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