Documents are useful for when you require candidates to upload any information that supports their application. These could be anything from passports, work eligibility forms, anything at all that is necessary for this role!

To add a new document, you can follow these steps

  • Click on the Menu button at the upper-right, and choose Document Types
  • Here you can see all of your existing document types, edit or delete them, or search for document types
  • Documents cannot be deleted if they are associated with a vacancy currently
  • You can also create new documents here by clicking Create Document Type
  • Enter a name and description for this document type, and click save

After a document has been created, you can begin adding it to vacancies. 

  • While in the Forms & Documents section of vacancy creation, you search for documents and see all the documents on your account here
  • Simply click on the document and choose Add To Vacancy
  • This can later be removed from the vacancy, by clicking Remove
  • Once a candidate has applied and submitted their document, you will be able to see the document in the candidate dashboard by clicking Show Details, and navigating to the Documents tab
  • You can download the document by clicking on Request Download

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