You have a niche role that is hard to fill? No problem! Even if applicants are coming in slowly, you can do your own search on the platform. Elevate has tens of thousands of active contractors profiles that you can browse through to find a good match. Using the Talent Pool Search, you can find the right fit for your vacancy!

The Talent Pool Search will search for candidates across the Elevate Open Market Talent Pool, and any Talent Pools that the employer account are a part of.

  • Click on Menu at the upper-right
  • Click on the Talent Pool Search option
  • Enter the name of a skill or job title which is desirable for your vacancy and click Find candidates

Note: you can also run this search if you click on the Talent Pool tab at the top of your screen and enter the key words in the search field there.

  • You can use the filters available, to narrow down your search - for example, you use the Talent Pool filter to choose the source of candidates displayed
  • Select as many candidates as you would like, using the green + button or click on the Select All button to select those displayed on the current page
  • Click on Review Selection to view the list of candidates you have made
  • You can view their full work experience by clicking on the Profile button
  • Next, choose the job you would like to send. You can add a few more words here about the vacancies
  • Click the green Send to candidates button
  • This will send a recommendation email to the candidates, with a direct link to this vacancy so that they can apply

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