Forms are useful for asking applicants additional questions during the process.

Forms are configured on our end, by our Client Services team and assign them to your account. Have an idea for new forms you want to build? Feel free to reach out to us, and we will be happy to help!

  • To view the forms on your account, click Menu at the upper-right and go to the Forms section

You can add these forms to be a part of your vacancies also.

  • Go to the Forms & Documents section
  • Either search for your form, or click Show All to search through them there
  • Click on the form you wish to add to the vacancy, and click Add To Vacancy
  • Click on "Add to vacancy" and publish as usual
  • If the form needs to be removed for any reason, this can be done by clicking Remove
  • Once a candidate has applied and the form has been submitted, this can be viewed by going to More > Forms, in the candidate's dashboard
  • To show more details of the form, you can click on Select
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