Once you have created a new vacancy on Recruit, notifications are sent to highly relevant active candidates that have a matching skill set, rate, location and right to work. Recipients of these notifications, or recommendations as we call them, can quickly apply and are then visible for the recruiter or hiring manager to review. 

Perhaps you quickly need to hire someone for a role and don't have the time to trawl through the lists of top candidates, this is where the recommendations feature comes in and assists you with the heavy-lifting.

Candidates who have been sent a recommendation can be filtered, using the following criteria.

  • Skills
  • Last logged in
  • Company score
  • Skills score
  • If they have applied for the vacancy or not
  • Their email address and phone number are displayed here so that you can contact them
  • Details shown include, Rate, Availability, Skill, Company and Similarity scores, and overall match percentage
  • You can also vote on whether you think the candidate is a good match to the role with a thumbs up or thumbs down

Recommendations are a key part of Recruit's system, being able to contact candidates simply allows you to maximise this value and source candidates quicker. We view it as an automated search function which allows you to focus on other aspects of your job and hire candidates faster.

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