You have received an email, inviting you to join a Workforce account. So, what happens next?

  • Click on the Setup Your Account button in the email invitation you received
  • This will bring you to Workforce, where you can set up your password
  • Read through the GDPR information, and agree to them to proceed
  • Click the Menu button at the top-leftof the screen (three horizontal lines)
  • This can also be accessed by clicking the Profile icon, at the bottom-left
  • So that your experience and skills can be added, click on Upload Resume
  • Once you choose a resume to upload, your experience will be added to your user profile

Edit my profile

After your experience has been uploaded, you have the option to remove and edit any experiences that are present. You can also add new experiences to your profile manually, without needing to upload more resumes.

  • You can edit each piece of work experience by clicking on the Edit button at the bottom of the section. Change your job title, start or end date of your assignment, whether it has been a contract or permanent role.
  • Elevate will extract a set of skills from the description and will display it at the bottom of each section
  • You can also add a new piece of work experience by clicking on the orange Add+ button on the top of your profile.
  • This will open up a new section to fill on on the right side of your screen

  • Add a new Office or Home location by clicking on the orange Add+ button. Choose an office location from the drop-down menu. Add your home location by entering the address manually

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