When setting up your account and getting your team on board, there are a couple of different actions you can take to ensure you and your team are ready to go, to start using Workforce!

There are a few items we would recommend having at the ready:

  • Company logo (JPG, PNG, EPS file types are supported)
  • A copy of your resume/CV
  • Email addresses for any team members joining Workforce

First, let's create the company account.

  • Add your details - company name, your full name, email and password
  • Add company logo, website and a few words about your firm
  • Add at least one office location

The next step is to agree to Terms & Conditions and GDPR. After this, your account has been created!

We also have a short video, by one of the people who created Workforce, to assist you in getting set up in this initial stage.

Now, you can begin to get your organisation set up. Click on Setup Organisation, to get started.

First, you will need to add some details about your company.

  • Company logo, name, website, industry, and company description
  • Next, add at least once office location. You can also search for the postcode, and add the exact address
  • The next step, is to check the account's permissions groups. You can add more groups if needed, and adjust the permissions so that members of the groups can edit and interact with different items
  • You can create teams, so that it becomes clearer and easier to view your organisation's skills

Now it's time to invite the team and get them on board!

  • You can choose to send out individual invites, or create bulk a bulk invite to send out to multiple users at the same time
  • You can select user groups, for these new users who have been invited
  • You can check the status of the invites from the Invites section
  • If any invited users have not followed the links in their invitation emails to get their accounts set up after 24 and 72 hours, email reminders will be sent to them

The next step, is to set up your own user profile.

  • Upload your resume
  • The system will import your work experience into your profile
  • You will be able to edit, update this profile at any time, and delete any experience that doesn't need to be there either

Once your team get their accounts setup and have their resumes, you you will have a broad and dynamic view of the talent available to you, internally. Your company-wide skills and talents have now been mapped, and you are in a better position to fill vacancies internally.

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