If you choose to send out the invitations at a later time, this can be done from the Invites section within Workforce

You can either send invitations on an individual level, or they can be sent out in bulk.

To send invitations to Workforce in bulk, click the Bulk Invites button at the top-right, and click Add Bulk Invite in the centre of the screen.

In order to send an individual invitation, you need to click Add Invite in the centre if of the screen.

  • Select the appropriate user group for your colleague
  • Enter their first and last name
  • Enter their email address
  • Click Save

Once you click save, the user's invitation will be sent!

The recipient of the invitation will receive an email, with a link prompting them to sign up.

This invite will expire in 24 hours. However, if not actioned, further reminders will be sent after another 24 hours, and another reminder will be sent after 72 hours.

In the Invites section, you can check the status of any Workforce invitations that have been sent.

  • All
  • Creating Invite
  • Invite Sent
  • Sign Up Completed
  • Failed

You can use the search bar in order to search for specific users that have been invited.

After searching for an invite, click on the user's name, and this will open their details on the right-of the screen.

Sending bulk invites

If sending out individual invites is proving to be too time-consuming, you can send out invitations in bulk, to multiple colleagues at once.

  • Click Bulk Invites at the top-right of the Invites section
  • Use a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file in the format shown, and choose a user group for these new users to be a part of

  • You can check the status of the file being uploaded and invites sent on the main screen
  • As your colleagues begin to respond to the invitations that have been sent out, their names will start populating the Sign Up Completed tab
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