Talent Pools are a set of candidates that have already applied for vacancies created by you or might apply in the future as they have already worked for similar companies to yours / worked in the same industry as yours.

Using a private talent pool, can be very beneficial and provide you with some detailed insights.

Employers have Talent Pools assigned to their accounts. For example all employers will have the Elevate Open Market Talent pool (public Talent Pool) assigned to their accounts. Employers can also have their own private Talent Pools. 

Note: if you wish to create and assign a Private Talent Pool to your account, please contact Elevate Support by email or using the chat function from the bottom-right corner of your screen

Viewing Talent Pools 

  • You can have one or several TPs added to your account. You can manage the candidates that are members of these Talent Pools according to their work experience in a certain industry, according to their skills and so on
  • Click on the 'View' button to see details of your private TP as per below:


A list of all vacancies assigned to this Talent Pool

View conversations between you and members of this Talent Pool.
For more details on this, please have a look at this article: Talent Pool Conversations

Under this section you can view and edit details of your TP - change the name, whether it's public or private, whether the Talent Pool is enabled (i.e. can it be used in vacancies), and the description.

A list of active and approved members of your private Talent Pool - candidates who have already applied for one of your vacancies or have received a personal invite to join.
You can export and download a full list of members in .xlsx file by clicking on the green 'Download list as Excel' button

Member invites

Details and status of invitations sent out to join this Talent Pool. Candidates will automatically be added to a Talent Pool if this has been assigned to the vacancy they have applied for. Separate invitations can be sent out as well.
Note: More on Talent Pool Invitations in this article.

An interactive and visual interpretation of the make-up of those who want to work for you or perhaps those who are already engaged with your organisation. For more details on Talent Pool Analysis, please visit this article.

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