As an Employer User with administrator permission on the account, you will have access to all details of the company account. You can edit the account details, add/remove users and so on. Please find below a list of details you can access from the main Menu drop-down list:

Click on the Menu button in the top-right corner of your screen to open up a list of features and details as per below:

Talent Pool Search

Talent Pool Search allows you to find suitable candidates who are in your private TPs, and send them recommendations. 

  • Search for a skills or a candidate's name
  • This will bring back a list of candidate who match the search requirements you have entered. You can now use the filters to narrow down the results more (e.g. skills, companies/industries worked in, notice periods etc.)
  • Once you have filtered enough and have found some suitable candidates, you can select their names to then review and send them a recommendation. 
  • Follow this link to find a detailed help article on Talent Pool search and recommendations: Searching for candidates


  • Forms are configured on our end, by our Client Services team and assign them to your account. 
  • If an Employer has Forms assigned to their account they would find them here. 
  • Forms can be assigned to vacancies at the Forms and Documents step during the vacancy creating process (more on this here: Creating a new vacancy)
  • You will find a detailed help article on this section here: Using forms.

Document types

  • Employer admin users like yourself can create their own documents, which can then be assigned to vacancies. These could be anything from passports, work eligibility forms to any other details required for this role.
  • This list can be edited by you at all times
  • Detailed instructions on how to create and use documents can be found in this article: Using forms

Cost Centres, Contracts and Timesheets

  • As an admin user, you can create, view, edit, authorise cost centres, contracts and candidate timesheets
  • Once a candidate has accepted a contract sent to him through the platform, they will be able to submit their weekly timesheets for you to review and approve
  • Learn more about this reading the Using Cost Centres, Contracts and Timesheets help article


  • Under this menu item you can find a list of all users in your employer account;
  • You can also create new users and disable existing ones
  • Assign them to different user groups to set their permissions on the account
  • You can learn how to create, edit or disable user account in this article

User Groups

  • User groups allows you to create groups with a set level of permissions. 

E.g. you may have a group who only creates and publishes vacancies or a group who only manages hiring candidates. 

Company details

  • View or change the current company logo (this will update the logo on any existing or future job advert you might create), URL to your company website; the main office address
  • You can also add a short description to introduce your firm

Account info

  • Your personal details: name, email address, employer

Change password and email address

  • You can change your password as long as you know your current one from within the platform
  • Change your email address 

10. Terms and Conditions

  • You can download the full list of Client Terms of Business in PDF format by clicking on the green Download button

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