As an admin account holder you can access Cost Centres, Contracts and Timesheets sections from the Main Menu

Cost Centres

  • Select Cost Centres from the main Menu
  • To create a new cost centre, click on the + Cost Centre button
  • Add a name, description and date range. Click on the orange Create button
  • Once the new Cost Centre has been created, assign a user who will manage it


  • To create a new contract, click on the + Contract button
  • Now, insert the candidate's email address you wish to send the contract to. Once the account is found, click on Create Contract:
  • Next, fill-in the below basic details and click on Create:

Cost Centre is a drop down list of all the cost centres configured against the employer account

Reference (also displayed in the candidates app) is a free field, which can be the vacancy title, vacancy reference as found in Elevate, or any detail that will point to what is the contract for.



Rate (day/month/year) is the rate as agreed with the candidate

  • This will send a similar e-mail notification to the candidate, from where they can log into the platform to accept/reject it.
  • Pending contracts can be found in the Draft contracts list:

Other sections:

Active contracts are all accepted and active contracts

All contracts is a list of all the contracts at all statuses

  • To cancel a contract, click on it and go to Cancel contract (the candidate will also be notified)


Employers can review, authorise or reject a timesheet. Once a candidate accepts a contract you have sent to them , they will be able to submit their timesheets through the platform.

  • You can quickly find a timesheet in All Timesheets for Authorization tab:
  • Click on Review, analyse the details and then Authorise or Reject:

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