We have created this article to give you detailed help on how to manage, search through the entire mass of your workforce within the Elevate platform.
You can open up a list of all user profiles from the main landing page if you select the Profiles tab

This will open up a full list of completed and approved user profiles that were created under your Workforce employer account.

Search Profiles

  • Use the search bar from the top of you screen to search for specific key-words and narrow down the list of profiles displayed
  • e.g. you might be looking for all those who have any 'java' experience. Enter the word 'java' into the serahc bar and you will see a list of users that have this skill in their profiles. 
  • Use the search bar to look for all the Johns within your firm
  • You can also search for a job title, industry and so on

Using the filters

  • We have added 5 filters to help narrow down the list of user and speed up the search 

A list of all the companies that your current workforce has been employed at. You will also notice that next to each company name we have added a count of profiles that have this firm added as a current or previous employer

A list of all the skills that the system scanned and imported from all your user base CVs.
Use the Filter search bar to quickly go to a specific skill or qualification you are looking for.
Click on the 3 dots as shown above to open up a full list of existing skills.

You can filter your users according to the teams you have set up for them.

A list of all the industries that your userbase have experience in.
Use the Filter searchbar to quickly go to a specific skill or qualification you are looking for.
Click on the 3 dots as shown above to open up a full list of existing industries. 

Work locations
You can now filter according to the office locations you have previously set up and they have added to their profiles

Manage the users list

  • On the left-side of your screen you will find the full list of your user base (their full name, job title, etc)
  • On the top of the list you will find the total count of numbers of profiles. This will change according to the filters you might use. Check the box next to this number to select all profiles from the list
  • You can also select multiple profiles by clicking on the picture/avatar next to their names. 
  • Once selected, click on the Action drop-down menu to add them to Team/Projects or send them a form

  • As long as you have the correct permission levels (admin, HR), you will be able to create new user accounts from here. Simply click on the Add+ button, add their name, email address and assign them to a user group. Next, upload their resume.
  • The newly created user account holder will receive an email notification inviting them to set their password, log into Workforce and keep their profile up to date
  • Select a user to open a detailed view of their profile in the centre of your screen
  • You can view their detailed work experience, a list of companies and industries they have worked in, work locations, a list of skills
  • As a user with administrator permissions levels on the account, you will be able to edit their profiles:
  1. Edit or delete pieces of work experience,
  2. Add further work locations
  3. Add new pieces of work experience
  4. Upload a new CV


  • To help you better understand the make-up of your Talent Pool you now have access to an interactive, visual representation of some complex work experience analysis. 

  • What is ESCO Classification? European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations (ESCO) classification scheme (https://ec.europa.eu/esco) maps 2942 occupations into a hierarchical taxonomy which we have augmented to provide an extra level of detail.
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