Once you have sent out an invite to your colleagues and employees to join you on Workforce, they can create their own profiles by uploading their most recent CVs. You can keep track of this progress under the Resumes tab from the main landing page

Here you will find a list of all uploded CVs to the system. Go through the progress tabs to view each list in details:


A full list of imported resumes with the total count number at the top of the list.
Select one CV to view the imported work experience on the right, it's status.
You can also open the original document in .txt format if you click on the orange 'View Original' button

Ready to Import

A list of CV that are ready to be uploaded, but the system couldn't read and import all the information from their work experience. You will find a count of items that need attention next to the user's name marked in a small orange bubble. (these can be lack of job title, company name, dates)

You, as an admin user will be able to edit and fix these details and make sure the CV can be imported and the profile created:

  • select a CV from the list on the left, 
  • click on the item in question under the 'Requires Attention' section
  • add the missing det'ails as required
  • click on the orange 'Save & Finish' button to save the changes made and move the CV to the next step


A list of CVs in the process of being imported into the platform
Please do contact the Elevate Support Team if these are not progressing any further. We are happy to help and investigate what the delay might be caused by


All successfully imported CVs will be listed under this tab.
Select a CV from the list on the left to see a summary of their work experience. You can also directly access their profile if you select the orange 'Go to profile' button in the centre of your screen
View a copy of the original document in .text format by clicking on the 'View Original' button in the upper right-hand corner


A list of CVs that could not be imported. 

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