Under the Settings tab you will be able to modify the company details, user base and user groups. 



  • Here you will find a list of your people. All accounts that have completed creating their profiles. 
  • Use this tab to disable an account
  • You can also add/remove them from a User Groups

User Groups

  • User groups are created to restrict the access, the permission levels your people have on the employer account
  • We have created 3 default groups for you: Administrators (members of this group have access to all aspects and details of the account), Staff (very limited permissions) and HR. You will be prompted with this setting when you first set up your employer account and these will also be listed under the user group tab
  • Create a new groups by clicking on the +Add New Group button in the centre of your screen
  • You can also add a new group by clicking on the +Add button on the top of the already existing groups' list
  • Add a name and description and select whether or not it is the Default group for your account. (as a rule, we would suggest to select the Staff group as the defualt group. This means, that all new profiles created, all invites sent out will be added to this group, unless you specify a different group when creating the invite)
  • Once the new group has been created, select the permissions you want to associate to it, by clicking on the boxes next to each item under the products listed (for example, in the case below we want interviewers to be able to open, update projects and vacancies, have some other limited rights in viewing user profiles)

  • Now you can select this newly created group when sending out an invite
  • Or add new members to it from the Users list: 

Select the user you want to add
Click on the orange +Add button to assign the user account to a new group

Select the user group you need from the drop-down list.



  • Change the company account details under this tab: company logo, website, industry or the description you have added when initally set up the account 


  • Add or edit the locations you have office locations at

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